Grace’s Note

“The Calm in the Storm”

I know in my heart no person is perfect but every person has beauty. Every race, every color, rich or poor, gay or straight, male or female, a miracle that we can’t even begin to understand. Time and time again we take one another for granted, and when we fault the hate in our hearts or the hate we have for ourselves on one another, we become ugly, we feel out of control, and we create chaos. When we fail to see the beauty in ourselves and our existence, we lose our value and we forget to value each other.

Life is hard but it doesn’t have to make us hard.  I realize that I don’t feel like I have anything good to give when I reject the things I’ve been given. When I acknowledge and appreciate my unique voice, body, talents, and gifts, I am able to move in a way that encourages others, speak up for what I believe in, use my abilities to create positive growth, and gift others with what I’ve been given. Time and time again, I fail to appreciate the beauty of myself as a human being, with an extremely complex mind and body that works hard to move, breath, and survive every second of everyday.  Time and Time again, I have to remind myself that I deserve love because I am who I am, because I am learning, because I am growing, because I am honest, and because I am human, and not because of the way I look or the clothes I wear or how hard I work or how smart I am.  Time and Time again I forget that though life is chaotic, I don’t have to be. I can be the peace and stillness in the storm, the light in the dark, the warmth when it’s cold. There isn’t much I can control but I can let go of what I can’t.

The truth is I can move through the chaos with a clear mind and the intention to do the right thing, and I will still make a million mistakes. I will never be perfect but I will use my mistakes to grow, to learn, and to become aware, so that I can break without being broken and I do not become the very things I started to hate myself for. I know it will not always be easy but I can promise that when things seem to be falling apart, I’ll let the touch of a lover, the smile of a stranger, a deep conversation with a friend, or a breath of fresh air remind me that there is beauty everywhere, and that there is beauty in being me. I know that if I want to help the world, I have to learn how to help myself, and I know both the world and I deserve it.

No matter how you’re feeling right now, please vote, whenever you have the opportunity wherever you live. In the U.S., please vote in this year’s elections. We need to break the cycle of poverty and oppression that exists in America. We need to rewrite the wrongs of our history. Words are powerful because they motivate action, but actions speak louder than words. We won’t be free to live and love until everyone is free to live and love in comfort and in peace.